Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 8........oh yeah!

      We did it! Finally, we got to go to the shelter I am so happy! :) Yay! Ok, let's get started, we stayed with the cats most of the time, but, we did walk one dog though, it was a puppy! It was a black Labrador Retriever! CUTE! But, we did check out all the dogs, and there was this one dog, omigosh! That dog almost made me cry, I was determined to socialize that dog, you can even ask my dad! When ever you looked at that dog, it would look at you, shiver, whine a little, and then put her head down on the floor (she was in the back on the cage so, I couldn't just grab her, and she was a farm dog so she was big). Sads. :( But, keep a smile on your face. :) Next, we went to the kitteh cats! There were many, many kittens this time! Maybe, 5 or more (separate litters except for 3) ! Then, there was this one cat that was 3 or more times the size of a normal cat! He was so very super duper heavy! Also, there was this one cat that was pregnant, I would love to foster her, but, I understand that we can't because of our animals. But, she was sweet but, shy. And there was this one kitten that was not only cute, sweet, and fluffy, but, he was super fun to play with, and hold! I cannot wait to go back! And thank you daddy for dragging me up there and back every Saturday! Love you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Next Week? o.O

          Yeah, I tried, I honestly did try, my dad and I packed up all the cardboard and drove out there. We recycled all the cardboard, and drove next door to the animal shelter. We got out, went over to the door and there was a sign......
"The animal shelter will be closed January 17th, 2011. (today) In memory of Martin Luther King Jr."
         So, we left, then, we got to go to Walmart. And I got 2 new pairs of pants and a new shirt! Also, if you have ever heard of a "Watch-a-ma-call-it" (candy bar)? Well, when we were checking, I saw a new one (limited time) called a "Thing-a-ma-jig" (yummy, just like a puppy chow bar), my dad let me get it a it was yummilisous!
But, anyways, I'm getting off task. I will try to go next weekend! I promise.....don't get mad.....if you are mad, I'm really sorry!

Monday, January 10, 2011


     ARGG! I am so mad at myself, I haven't gone to the shelter in so flipping long! AHH! But, this week I have an excuse, I rolled my ankle at my friend's birthday on Friday and it hurts and it's swollen. So, if it' feeling better at all this Saturday, I WILL go! I promise! So, now you guys, I have to keep my promise! Thank you guys for being so patient, love you! MWAH!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

:( No,. not this week........

        I am actually not going this week (super sad), but, please don't get mad. My family gets to go to see the Christmas Carol! I can't wait (sad) and also, I have a party Friday, that goes until 10:00pm so I'll probably be to tired to go anyways. But, thanks for all of your guys' support, I wouldn't be making this blog if it wasn't for you!

If, you are still sad/mad at me watch this video and it will make you smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZSbC09qgLI

If you aren't mad at me still watch it's so cute!      

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 7

          Today was a " To-cold-to-go-outside-so-we-might-as-well-stay-inside-to-cuddle-with-the-cats" kind of day. But, first, we went to go see if Grandma's dog was still there, no luck. So, Grandma Ruth and I pet all of the cats, all of them were so cute, and all had their own, different personality. There were two, that 3 weeks ago, a man brought in in a big tupperware container, with two almost fully grown cats in it! No air-holes, nothing!They were here, again and so lovable but DID NOT want to be picked up. Also, there was a light orange, pretty Tabby. She loved to be loved! Another two were fat, dark orange, big Tabbies, again. So fat, I couldn't even pick them up, but they did like to be pet! There wasn't muck more we could do, but we found where the dog isolation room was, and where they put the dogs with bad manners/behaviors. After that, we went to 
Apple-bees and had lunch (mmmmm.....yummy) , and now I can't wait to go back, maybe sometime with someone else (*wink *wink).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 6

            First, I'd like to say sorry for this being 1 day late. So, this week, I went with my dad. So much fun, we walked.........4 dogs. First, we went to the cats, most of them are feeling better! There was this one black kitten, I put him on my shoulder and he started purring and going around in circles, around my head! SO CUTE! Then we went to the dogs, Grandma Ruth's dog is still there (don't know to be happy:)or sad :( ) and is................UP FOR ADOPTION! But daddy saw one he really wanted to walk, so, the first one was a pretty dog, forgot what kind though. We took it outside and it was FREEZING! Burr.....but we still walked him. Then, we got to walk G-ma's dog! We took him out walked him around, then, took him to the outside kennels (I'm pretty sure he knew who we were) The last dog we walked was a Carolina dog. Cute, different, but still, adorable. The next dog we took outside, let him go potty, and took them to the outside kennels. It was a tiny, 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier. The sad thing was the top of his head was COMPLETELY bald, with blood scabs. I felt so bad.

          After that, the HOA (Heart Of America) came in and started taking animals, they took G-ma's dog, so G-ma you might have lost your chance. :( Anyways, we went to the cats and started petting these 4 cats. A Yellow Tabby, 2 black and white long hair Domestic Cats, and a black 1 year old Domestic Short Hair cutie! The black one was wild, we put him in the closed off room with 1 long tube that he could run through, and trust me he did. We ran in and out, into walls, and up the wall, literally. He made us laugh so hard! Then, we went to the 2 black and white cats, both of them loved to be petted, but, hated to be picked up. Not much to say, though, cute, fluffy, and lovable! Then that yellow Tabby cat, adorable, if I had to guess probably daddy's favorite. After that, they came to get the cats, and we had to leave, this time we worked 1.5 hours! I had a lot of fun and I am getting jitters for tomorrow. I'm getting my braces off. I can't wait to be able to run my tongue and not feel metal. Now Tanner can't sick magnets to my mouth anymore! Can't wait, wish me luck! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 5

          On day 5, I didn't go with my dad, I went with my Grandma. So much fun, first once we got there, there was a long line the people in front of us, were adopting a boxer! It was really cute, and the people behind them lost their dog, but, then they got a phone call and it was one of their friends saying they found there dog. After all that, we finally got to check in and went on our way! We went straight to the dog my dad and I saw last week (the one G-ma should get) and took him out and oh, did grandma love that dog! After him, we went to go look at all the dogs and came back to a white American Eskimo Dog, so fluffy! But, it was wild and crazy, I'll tell you "Where the Wild Things Are", they are at that shelter! I don't remember any other dogs we walked and we couldn't really see any of the cats except for 3! They were all (except for 3) were sick! Sad. After that, we went to go vote for my ginger bread shelter! YAY! I hope I win! Can't wait to go back and hear the results!