Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 8........oh yeah!

      We did it! Finally, we got to go to the shelter I am so happy! :) Yay! Ok, let's get started, we stayed with the cats most of the time, but, we did walk one dog though, it was a puppy! It was a black Labrador Retriever! CUTE! But, we did check out all the dogs, and there was this one dog, omigosh! That dog almost made me cry, I was determined to socialize that dog, you can even ask my dad! When ever you looked at that dog, it would look at you, shiver, whine a little, and then put her head down on the floor (she was in the back on the cage so, I couldn't just grab her, and she was a farm dog so she was big). Sads. :( But, keep a smile on your face. :) Next, we went to the kitteh cats! There were many, many kittens this time! Maybe, 5 or more (separate litters except for 3) ! Then, there was this one cat that was 3 or more times the size of a normal cat! He was so very super duper heavy! Also, there was this one cat that was pregnant, I would love to foster her, but, I understand that we can't because of our animals. But, she was sweet but, shy. And there was this one kitten that was not only cute, sweet, and fluffy, but, he was super fun to play with, and hold! I cannot wait to go back! And thank you daddy for dragging me up there and back every Saturday! Love you!

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  1. It was Day 8, baby girl.

    Great job! Sorry that we can't be a foster family to the cat. If they don't get fostered out for their delivery, how does that work?